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About the MNindys

In 2019 the Minnesota Indys (MNindys) were created as a simple Google Group for the state's local independently owned pharmacies to be able to assist each other and share information regarding the ever changing landscape of pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) unethical practices in Minnesota. Since that time the group has grown to 116 pharmacies in the state, including a few locally owned chains/groceries, and its members are go-to resources for MN state legislators when it comes to education on what's really happening behind the PBM iron curtain. 

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The MNindys are dedicated to supporting Minnesota's independent pharmacies by bringing awareness to the problems local pharmacies and their patients face daily due to PBM anticompetitive business practices, and by educating Minnesota's patients, employers, unions, and legislators on PBM issues. In addition to education, the MNindys are dedicated to seeing both meaningful legislation and actionable enforcement regarding PBMs take place in Minnesota.

"Let us compete on our merits. Let us compete on our service. We’ll never be able to buy drugs as cheap as the Walmarts, the Walgreens, things like that, and that’s fine. That’s the market. That’s how a free market’s supposed to work. But on a level playing field, if I get to compete with the big boxes on service and taking care of my patients, I will beat them every day. And that’s all we’re asking for, is the opportunity."
~ MNindy's Founder, Deborah Keaveny, RPh
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